Rode Vlogger Kit iOS For Smartphones with Lightning Port - AMT # VLOGVMML

Product Code - AMT # VLOGVMML


    • *Shown with Optional Equipment
    • For Vlogger, YouTuber, Influencer
    • For iPhones & iPods with Lightning Ports
    • Complete Kit for Recording Audio & Video
    • Condenser Mic, On-Camera Light & Tripod


Rode Vlogger Kit Universal For Smartphones with 3.5mm Port Rode Vlogger Kit For Smartphones With USB-C Port

Rode Vlogger Kit iOS For Smartphones with Lightning Port - a complete package designed specifically for hassle-free, high-quality audio and video recording to an iPhone or iPod with a Lightning port.

This bundle features the Rode VideoMic Me-L ultracompact condenser microphone, an on-camera light with a diffuser and eight colored filters, a tripod, a phone holder, and the required accessories to make it all work. Equipped with the Vlogger Kit iOS Edition, your iPhone or iPod can transform into a portable and convenient production system that provides markedly improved caliber of sound and picture.

Since the VideoMic Me-L runs on power from your iOS device and has no controls or switches, it serves as a simple and reliable microphone that's ideal for filmmakers who can't be slowed down by intricate configuration. Plus, it comes with a shock-absorbing rubber clip, which effectively reduces vibration and handling noise. Shooting outdoors? Slip the supplied furry windshield over the mic to tame wind noise and achieve cleaner audio recordings.

Setting up the Kit
What You Get
The Vlogger Kit iOS Edition comes with everything you need (and more) to easily start recording quality video and audio with your iPhone or iPod, so you can shoot your next vlog, Instagram story, Facebook Live session, YouTube special, or behind-the-scenes footage looking and sounding better than ever.

VideoMic Me-L ultracompact condenser microphone
Shock-absorbing rubber clip
WS9 furry windshield to drastically reduce wind noise
SmartGrip phone holder and compact tripod stand
MicroLED on-camera light with clip-on diffuser and eight colored filters
USB Type-C cable for recharging the MicroLED on-camera light