Sony HDVF-L10 3.5" Color LCD HD Viewfinder - AMT # HDVF-L10

Product Code - AMT # HDVF-L10


    • 3.5" Colour LCD QHD Viewfinder
    • Switchable display mode

3.5" Colour LCD HD Viewfinder for cameras with a round-type 20-pin viewfinder interface. The applicable cameras output the higher resolution QHD signal to this viewfinder. Camera operators can see the LCD, directly, because the optical loupe and the elbow parts can be flipped-up.

3.5" Colour LCD QHD Viewfinder
Uses round-type 20-pin viewfinder interface

Switchable display mode
In addition to the normal display mode, this viewfinder can switch over to another display mode that shows the reduced-size screen with tally display, surrounding on it.
You can see the whole screen and tally easily when your eye is away from the eye-cup.