SWIT 4 Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger


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SWIT 4 Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger

SWIT 4 Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger

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  • V-mount battery charger
  • 4-ch simultaneous charging
  • 3A per channel quick charging
  • 2x 4-pin XLR DC output
  • LED charging indicators for each channel

4-ch Simultaneous Quick Charger
For V-mount batteries
PC-P430S can charge 4pcs V-mount camera batteries simultaneously. The charging output is DC16.8V, 3A each channel.

LED Charging Indicators for Each Channel
The PC-P430S has LED charging indicators on the front panel,indicates the real time capacity of each channel by different colors:
Display Red: Battery is charging, capacity below 80%;
Display Yellow: Battery is charging, capacity above 80%;
Display Green: Charging finished.

AC-DC Adapting Output
PC-P430S has 2x 4-pin XLR female connector on the front panel. Connected with SWIT S-7102 XLR female to male cable (optional purchase), the PC-P430S can be used as AC-DC adaptor of 2-ch DC 15V, 6A, 90W simultaneous output.

Please note the AC-DC adapting output will not work when battery is charging.

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Dimensions 285×144×173mm
Compatible battery V-mount battery

SWIT 4 Channel Simultaneous Fast Charger

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