Matrice 300 RTK. Built Tough. Works Smart.

DJI Matrice 300RTK is one of the best commercial drones of 2021.  

Some of its powerful features are:

  • Flight Time of 55 mins, with no payloads
  • 15km Max Transmission
  • IP45 Rating
  • Ability to take up to 3 payloads at a time
  • Compatible with various payloads and sensors, whether it’s from DJI or 3rd Part companies
  • Omni-directional Obstacle Sensors
  • Failsafe Return to Home
  • Automated Missions
  • ADS-B Receiver that can detect the surrounding airplanes, helicopters
  • Advanced Drone Controlling using two smart controllers

You can utilize Matrice 300RTK is different scenarios and applications such as Thermal Inspection, Visual RGB Inspection, 3D Modeling using Lidar Technology or RGB Camera, Security Monitoring, First Response, R&D etc..

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