Cartoni JibO


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Cartoni JibO

Cartoni JibO

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  • Supports 44 lb (20 kg)
  • Weighs 25 lb (12 kg)
  • 78" (2 m) Range of Travel
  • 100mm Camera Mount
  • 100mm Tripod Mount
  • Folds Down to 38" (1 m)

Cartoni JibO is a lightweight, telescoping, three-section compact jib arm for motion-picture and video cameras weighing up to 44 lb (20 kg).

Camera Mount
100mm leveling bowl. Camera stage can be easily configured for over- or under-slung configurations, and the angle is maintained with a parallel adjustable leveling arm throughout the 78" (2m) range of travel.

Payload is counterbalanced quickly with an adjustable rear section and standard barbell-type iron weights, which are not included.

Base Mount
Mounts on any 100mm heavy-duty tripod capable of bearing the combined weight of the payload and jib.

Telescoping anodized aluminum alloy box-beam sections.

Weighing just 25 lb (12 kg), the JIBO collapses without tools down to 38" (1m) in minutes for safe transport in a fitted hard case.

Cartoni JibO

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