L3211 Barrel Booster


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L3211 Barrel Booster

L3211 Barrel Booster

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  • Boosts RF transmitter power for extended range.
  • Provides optimal trade-off between transmit power, DC power consumption and spectral efficiency.
  • Small, light-weight & robust construction.
  • Designed to mate directly to the Link range of camera back transmitters.
  • Incorporates LDPD (Link Digital Pre-Distortion) for improved adjacent channel rejection.
  • Includes input and output
  • RF harmonic filters to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • ALC (Automatic Level Control) maintains a constant RF output for all transmitter settings.
  • Can also be operated as a fixed gain power amplifier for user defined RF output powers.
  • RF output fully protected against mis-match damage.
  • Powered via RF input connector or external Lemo connector.
  • Power save mode when RF muted.
  • Wide DC (9-28V) operating range.
  • Tri-colour LED indicates unit status and RF output mode setting.

The L3211 Barrel Booster has been specifically tailored for wireless camera back applications. Designed to fit directly onto the RF output from the Link range of transmitters, this unit is small, lightweight and easy to use. This amplifier includes ALC (Automatic Level Control) in order to provide a constant RF output power for all transmitter power level settings. 

The L3211 has a wide DC operating range (9-28V) and can be powered via the RF input connector* or using the Lemo power cables supplied with the unit. These power cables allow the option to connect to the Lemo power socket on the wireless transmitter or to the D-Tap adaptor from an IDX or Anton Bauer battery plate. 

Incorporating LDPD (Link Digital Pre-Distortion) for improved adjacent channel rejection, integral harmonic filtering and a power save mode this amplifier is a must have addition to any wireless camera system where extended range is required. 

* Switchable phantom power to the L3211 barrel booster is provided in the L1530-1927 RF module.

L3211 Barrel Booster

ر.س. 26,118.80