Manfrotto Advanced UV Filter 77mm (MFADVUV-77)


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Manfrotto Advanced UV Filter 77mm (MFADVUV-77)

Manfrotto Advanced UV Filter 77mm (MFADVUV-77)

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  • water repellent
  • this filter allows 98.8% light transmission
  • reduces blurring, haziness and blue casting
  • reusable case included
  • Made in Japan

UV filter is the time-honoured, multi-functional filter; it blocks UV light from entering the lens and therefore reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting. At the same time, it is a very useful tools to add protection to the lens against dust, moisture, scratches, and can permanently remain on the lens. Manfrotto Advanced UV Filter 77mm filter is water repellent, scratch and oil resistant, includes 12 layers of coating which provide an anti-reflective surface and allows 98.8% light transmission.

Multi Coating
Each Manfrotto filter has been developed with the highest level of precision. The elaborate multi-coating process effectively minimizes reflections and maximizes the light transmission, hence delivering remarkable optical quality. The anti-reflectiveness of filters increases in parallel to the increase in the number of layers of coating. Additionally, as a result of the multi-coated layers, Manfrotto filters ensure a superior level of protection against dust, moisture and scratches.

المزيد من المعلومات
Weight 26 g
Antireflective Coating Yes
Filter Type UV
Light Transmission 98.8%
Protective Case Yes

Manfrotto Advanced UV Filter 77mm (MFADVUV-77)

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