Manfrotto Still Life Table Black (220B)


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Manfrotto Still Life Table Black (220B)

Manfrotto Still Life Table Black (220B)

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  • White translucent perspex cover for back or front lighting
  • Assembles and breaks down easily without the need of tools
  • Dimensions of plexiglass panel 200 x 125 cm (78.8 x 49.25'')

Manfrotto Still Life Shooting Tables. It consists of black tubular aluminum sections that you assemble, using the included lever-lock clamps.
The white translucent plexiglass mounts with touch fastener tape, with a curve in the foreground. The background may be tilted/bent upward and locked into place, to any angle up to 90°, for totally seamless backgrounds

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Maximum Height distance from floor to flat surface - 193 cm

Manfrotto Still Life Table Black

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