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أضف لقائمة الرغبات
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أضف لقائمة الرغبات استفسر الان
  • LED RGBW spotlight
  • Rated power of 300W, powerful output delivering 34,200 lux@1m (with 45° reflector, 5600K)
  • Wide CCT range of 2700K-7500K with ±150 green/magenta adjustment
  • Excellent color rendition with both CRI/TLCI average 95 and 94, TM-30 Rf average 92, TM-30 Rg average 100
  • Multiple control methods: on-board, remote controller, Nanlink App
  • All-in-one design integrates the lamp body, control unit, and power adapter
  • Multiple lighting modes: CCT, HSI, effect
  • 15 built-in special effects with customizable parameters in each effect
  • Four fan modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed and Off
  • Built with an Bowens mount and an umbrella mount
  • Support firmware update via USB port on the lamp head


The FS-300C can serve as the primary light source in various scenarios and flexibly adapt to dynamic lighting requirements, enhancing the creative process with its vibrant and colorful output. It maintains the FS series' reputation for simplicity and cost-effectiveness and promises to meet the diverse needs of videographers, photographers and live streamers.

Stunning Output Performance
The FS-300C’s high power-ratio LED layout ensures remarkable brightness in all modes. Paired with Nanlite’s excellent optical light mixing technology it delivers great evenness of the beam. It can achieve an impressive 34,200 lux at 1 meter (5600K, with reflector) and 15,850 lux at 1 meter (green, with reflector), outperforming other products in its wattage class and providing robust lighting solutions for creators.

Unleash creative potential with precise color control
As the first FS series light with a RGBW light engine the FS-300C enables precise color tuning usually only found in higher-end lights. Nanlite’s advanced color mixing technology combined with the latest algorithm enhancements gives the FS- 300C a wide CCT range and precise green/magenta adjustment in CCT mode, along with extensive color choices in HSI mode.

The FS-300C features a wide color temperature range of 2700K to 7500K and a±150 Green/Magenta adjustment, allowing for seamless matching with other light sources on set. This flexibility ensures consistent lighting tones and the ability to fine-tune colors.

Efficient Control and Connectivity
Operating the FS-300C is highly intuitive. It shares the same two knobs and a MODE button design of the other FS series lights for easy switching between CCT, HSI, effect modes and menu control. The knobs control all the common operations including changing intensity, setting effects and adjusting color. In addition, pressing the left knob offers a brightness reset function and the right knob can lock settings.

Wireless Control
Built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G modules enable control via the NANLINK APP 2.0 or a remote controller, facilitating quick and precise light adjustments.

The NANLINK APP 2.0 also supports preset and grouping functions, ideal for complex shooting scenarios such as music videos, allowing quick setup changes and synchronized control of multiple fixtures.

Creative Lighting Effects
The FS-300C has 15 built-in effects, with fully adjustable parameters for each effect, providing the most ideal effects and enhancing creative possibilities.

Quiet and Efficient Cooling
The FS-300C's advanced cooling system ensures stable light output and efficient cooling, with minimal noise. It features an adjustable fan system with four modes (Smart/Full Speed/Low Speed/Off), allowing users to balance noise levels and output according to the shooting environment and audio requirements. In Smart mode, the average noise level of FS-300C is only 24dB(A). *In Smart mode or Full Speed mode, the maximum output is 100%. In Low Speed mode, the maximum output is 50%. In Off mode, the maximum output is 15%.

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