National Geographic Rainforest Bodypack (NG RF 4550)

NG RF 4550

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National Geographic Rainforest Bodypack (NG RF 4550)

National Geographic Rainforest Bodypack (NG RF 4550)

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  • Removable camera insert with Manfrotto Protection System
  • Perfect for a CSC with additional lens
  • Easy access to photo equipment
  • Extra room for personals
  • Padded back panel for extra comfort

The Rain Forest collection is inspired by the environment and population of the rain forest.
The external fabric’s green and taupe colours are reminiscent of the lush vegetation’s big green leaves and majestic tree trunks, while the internal lining recalls the typical handicrafts made by the forest’s local inhabitants.

The Rain Forest Bodypack (NG RF 4550) is an extremely comfortable compact sling for your photo gear and key personal items. The removable padded insert is equipped with the Manfrotto Protection System allowing you to safely carry your Compact System Camera with attached kit lens and an additional lens. Thanks to a simple locking system, it can be safely fixed inside the bag. The Bodypack also has plenty of easily accessible pockets in which to organise multiple accessories, be they photographic or personal. Its unique ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to wear and carry; the special side opening gives you quick and easy access to your camera so you are always ready to shoot. For added comfort, the back panel is padded and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

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Material Canvas, Cotton
Weight 0.5000
Waist Belt لا
Tripod Holder لا

National Geographic Rainforest Bodypack (NG RF 4550)

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