Proxsys PX-50/100/150 Media Asset Management Systems

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Proxsys PX-50/100/150 Media Asset Management Systems

Proxsys PX-50/100/150 Media Asset Management Systems

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  • Most cost-effective media asset management solution available
  • Includes 18/48 TB Raid5 storage – upgradable with no maximum limit 
  • Easy installation
  • Java Webstart upload tool
  • Reduced bandwidth
  • Flexible system design

Proxsys PX-Media Servers are cost-effective out-of-the-box media asset management solutions that can be installed quickly and easily. Users need only to configure the metadata model and access rights, define export modules, and assign an IP address. Proxsys PX-50/150 Media Servers’ user interface makes it easy to create, modify, select and retrieve media assets.

Proxsys PX-50 and PX-150 models include powerful and reliable HP servers that provide up to 48TB of media storage in Raid 5 configuration, enough for over 2000 hours of XDCAM EX footage at 35 Mbit. The system also includes a Java webstart-based upload tool that can handle structured files such as Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM as well as complete NLE project architectures. Once a file is uploaded to Proxsys PX-50/150/100 Media Server storage, the system automatically transcodes preview clips, reducing bandwidth and protecting highres assets, as well as limiting required codecs to H.264/WebM.

The flexible Proxsys PX-100 Media Server offers high-performance media transfer, database operations and preview transcoding in a single device. The server may be integrated with dedicated or existing storage solutions. In the event that more than one server is needed, Proxsys PX-100 architecture enables database operation, web serving and preview transcoding to be distributed among two or more servers.

المزيد من المعلومات

Turnkey Media Asset management and Archive Solution

Build-In Videoserver for Proxy Render, Picture and Clip extract

All popular video codecs and wrapper supported (f.e. XDCAM,XDCAM ex, AVCIntra, AVCHD, H.264, MPEG2, ProRes,DNxHD)

Browser User Interface to support Windows and MAC OS

Proxy Player based clip browse and preview for bandwidth reduction, asset protection and to avoid user workstation codec issues

Flexible customer defined Metadata model with powerful search engine (Clip, clip mark, clip scenes)

File Upload, NLE Project Archive, Video Capture and Stream Recording technology for Ingest

File Push, Video Transcode, DVD Authoring, Podcast, Workgroup Media Sharing and Broadcast Playout options for Distribution

Proxsys PX-50/100/150 Media Asset Management Systems

ر.س. 107,525.00