Sonifex HY-03S Telephone Hybrid (Single Channel)


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Sonifex HY-03S Telephone Hybrid (Single Channel)

Sonifex HY-03S Telephone Hybrid (Single Channel)

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  • Fully automatic - adapts to varyingline conditions and has automatic signal limiting.
  • Local and remote line hold switching - calls can be remotely switched through a mixing console.
  • Momentary or permanent latching remotes can be enabled.
  • Balanced mic/line input - 10k ohm balanced input selectable for 0dBu clean feed line, or microphone level with adjustable gain.
  • Balanced output - 0dBu low impedance balanced output, with output gain adjustment.
  • Mixed output - the output can be a mix of the caller and mic/line input signals for recording both sides of the telephone conversation.
  • Integrated ring detector - automatic call answering after a pre-determined number of rings.
  • Fitted with K-break disconnect detection as standard with an option for dial-tone disconnect using the optional HY-03DTD board. The HY-03DTD board can be configured to disconnect on recognizing the dial tone used in a specific country.
  • Line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion crystal clear audio.
  • 28dB typical line balance rejection.
  • Built in power supply with switchable 115V, or 230V, mains input.

The Sonifex HY-03S is a single automatic analogue TBU, 19" (48.3cm) rack-mount unit.

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Audio Specification
Input Impedance - Line Mode (Clean Feed): 10kΩ balanced 0dB

Input Impedance - Microphone Mode: 200Ω balanced

Clean Feed Limiting Input: +4dBu

Microphone Level Range: From 74dB to 40dB adjusted by preset pot

Bandwidth to Telephone Line: 250Hz - 4kHz, -3dB ref 1kHz

Telephone Line Impedance: Nominally 600Ω

Telephone Line Impedance Range: 300Ω to 1500Ω

Output Impedance: 50Ω balanced floating 0dBu

Output Level Range: +8dB to -14dB adjusted by preset pot

Rejection Ratio: 45dB on 1kHz tone, typically 28dB on complex waveforms, reference peak level of 0dB

Ring Detector Sensitivity: 1 ring to 6 rings

Power: 230V 50Hz, or 115V 60Hz. 6W for HY-03.

Mic/Line Input: XLR 3 pin female with push button mic/line selection

Line Output: XLR 3 pin male

Telephone Line: RJ11 6/4 socket

Telephone Handset/Instrument: RJ11 6/4 socket

Remotes: 9-way D-type socket

Power: IEC mains (CEE22)

Sonifex HY-03S Telephone Hybrid (Single Channel)

ر.س. 4,324.00