Sony Standard Remote Control Panel


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Sony Standard Remote Control Panel

Sony Standard Remote Control Panel

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  • Improved LCD visibility with higher resolution and touch panel capability
  • Increased number of Assignable Switch, Indicator, and Encoder Control
  • LAN connection by 1000BASE-T (Improved from 100BASE-TX)
  • External I/O D-Sub 9pin connector has a capability of "Call Out" to add the "Call" indication externally.
  • Direct menu selection for CAM/CCU/BPU menus with "Enter" control button  (Much easier than touch panel by moving the finger)
  • USB Memory can be used to save and copy the settings and for firmware upgrade if needed. (Memory Stick is no longer used.)

Sony RCP-3500 (RCP3500) Remote Control Panel for Studio System Cameras. A remote control panel for studio system cameras with a new LCD panel for improved visibility and the increased number of assignable switches and controls.

ر.س. 17,287.95