SWIT S-3602U battery Charger/Adaptor


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SWIT S-3602U battery Charger/Adaptor

SWIT S-3602U battery Charger/Adaptor

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  • 2 channels charger
  • 1 channel adaptor
  • About 3 hours for charging 1 battery, 5 hours for charging 2 batteries
  • Applicable for SWIT S-8U62 batttery
  • Compatible with SONY BP-U60/U30 DV batteries.
S-3602U is a 2-channel charger for SWIT S-8U62 and compatible with SONY BP-U series DV batteries. 2 positions charging Dynamic Power Management(DPM) minimizes battery charge time. It has an adaptor cable outputs for SONY PMW-EX1, EX3 cameras and corresponding equipments. Battery sold separately.
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Dimensions 5.4x4.3x2.1 inch /136x110x53mm
Input and Output Connectors AV 120V-240V, 50/60Hz
Compatible battery SWIT S-8U62, Sony BP-U60/U30
Applicable camera Sony PMW-Ex1 &Ex3

SWIT S-3602U battery Charger/Adaptor

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